Identity Design

Created: 05/16/13
Last Edited: 12/10/13
Identity design and Branding projects
  • Logos and Branding for Real Food Generation
    "Our mission is to harness the power of youth and universities to build a healthy, fair and green food system."  - RFG Mission Statement
    3 Logo Designs: Real Food Generation (mother brand), Real Food Challenge (a program), and Live Real (concept program) 
    Collateral: brochure, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, icons / stickers, t-shirts, Real Food wheel
    Created with Olivia Russin and Justin Rafferty for Design Corps at Pratt Institute, 2013
  • Branding for Bedford Hill Coffee Bar 
    "With salvaged dark wooden doors used as paneling, mismatched blue tiles, vintage wallpapers, a cork-top bar, and warm lights, the café feels as much like a home as a place of business. Furniture and building materials were either purchased on the cheap from Build It Green, or they were found..."   -
    Collateral: business cards, menus (and menu covers), sugar-coated coffee stirrers (and covers), and 8 oz. coffee bean bags. 
    Logo and Art Direction by Caroline Pratt, Pratt Institute, 2013
  • Concept: logo design and branding for NYCEJA
  • Banner Ads, Mug and T-Shirt Design for band The Felice Brothers

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