Identity Concepts

  • These are initial concepts I developed for the Acme IT identity design (chosen design is listed under my corporate identity section). Here were my thoughts behind each idea:

    1. The Acme IT Tree logo --
    This is designed to resemble both a tree and the pathways on a motherboard. The motherboard ties into the concept of technology and the tree symbolizes the growth clients can expect to gain from working with Acme IT. The 'fruit' of the tree are universal 'power on' symbols to show that paths taken with Acme IT will lead to positive ends. The "IT" is displayed as an exponent to symbolize taking business to the next level.

    2. The Acme USB logo --
    This logo is simple and straight forward. The USB cord originates from the 'A' in Acme and feeds back into the 'I' in IT to symbolize constant connectivity and communication. I picked the USB image because it's the most commonly recognized computer cord so it would relate to a wide audience.

    3. The Acme Urban logo --
    This is a more youthful, edgy logo option. The graphic blends the Airport image with the upward motion arrows to convey a feeling of moving forward while reaching a wide target market. The font has a more exciting feel and offsetting the type on an angle gives the identity extra energy and keeps the eye interested. I chose to include an option like this because Acme IT offers web design and may be looking to attract a more creative client base.

    4. The Acme Orange logo --
    Because we are in Florida, I wanted to include an option that would blend the location with technology. The 'power on' symbol appears again, this time the image doubles as an orange to inspire a subtle Florida feel, and as a graphic symbolizing energetic beginnings. The tagline 'the power to connect' also plays into the 'power on' image, supporting the message that Acme IT can handle client solutions. The font is clean, simple, and has a more mature business feel.

    5. The Acme Mouse logo --
    This is an option if Acme IT is a more established company looking to re-brand. The 'IT' is left off assuming Acme has grown and want a slightly hipper name. The 'me' in Acme is highlighted in red to influence the customer to think of their company and Acme at the same time. The hand holds a mouse for technology and the graphic is drawn sketch style since Acme offers design services. It's formed in one continuous line to symbolize circular connection.