• Identify Design Show
    Upland, IN
  • This was my graphic design Senior portfolio gallery show, hosted at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.
    I worked closely with two other designers to create the branding and identity of the show.

    Logo Design: 
    For the logo, we hand die-cut sheets of foam and stacked them on top of eachother to create 
    3-dimensional letterforms (Museo-typeface)
    *I chose the name "Identify" because it best fit our goal for the audience...
    to identify with who we are and why we do what we do.

  • This is the website for our show identifydesignshow.com
    (Coding done by Andy Miller)

  • These personalized ads were hung all around campus as well as in the local community to advertise each individual for the event.
  • Our 3-dimensional version of a "guestbook"
  • My very own wallspace!
    *We each had a fill-in-the-blank poster describing who we are...and we were allowed creative freedom in the white space below! 

  • *photographs by dustin friesen