• Identicycle is an RFID tracking system for bicycles in NYC.

    By using passive RFID tags embedded within the seat post of your bike and in the rims of the wheels, you can track the coordinates (and thus the movement) of your bike as it passes within range of the E-ZPass NY transponder readers that are along many major roads.

    What does this mean for you? You'll be able to track down the guy who angle grinded through your U-lock and give him a piece of your mind.
  • The logo is an abstracted bicycle wheel whose spokes point conclusively to a single spot like a bulls-eye.

  • Website
  • Track up to three bikes at once! Each shows up on the map as the correspondingly coloured pin.
  • Give the owners of missing bikes (red pins) extra information about the encounter beyond just their coordinates, which they'd be able to access by themselves. Like what the rider looked like or where he was going.
  • Your bikes are only visible to you. However, all flagged bikes within a certain range will show up on everyone's map as red pins. You can alert the owner of a flagged bike to send him extra information like where you found it or what the rider looked like.
  • You have the option of allowing the NYPD access to the records of your flagged bike. This enables them to see the information recorded in its signal log and track them in real-time the way you can. Every time they come within range of the bike's RFID tags, they will be alerted.

    Making it easier for them to track stolen bikes will encourage them to pursue such cases.

    You may cancel NYPD authorisation at any time. They will no longer be able to access the flagged bike's signal log. Your flagged bike will still show up on their map if it is within range.
  • Getting flagged turns the bike's location log red.
  • Progressive disclosure questions keeps the FAQ tidy and easy to navigate.

  • Mobile Application
  • Certified bike shops show up on your map as black pins.
    All flagged bikes show up as red pins.
    The white pin is your current location, while the green pin is whichever of your bikes you have chosen to focus on.
  • A flagged bike will show up on everyone's map. Alert the owner and give him more information.
  • A bike whose owner has allowed NYPD access automatically alerts a nearby police officer if it comes within radius of their reader or smartphone. This will make detecting bike theft easier for the officer, encouraging them to do something about it.
  • Progressively disclosed FAQ to keep the information from overwhelming the user.