IT Admin Support Group | Campaign

Created: 12/12/12
Last Edited: 06/19/14
Advertising campaign that included 3 consecutive print ad in Redmond magazine, a landing page that utilizes Parallax Scrolling and 4 sets of image ads to direct traffic to the page. It's hard to showcase the landing page which is very unique in the B2B industry as it utilizes parallax scrolling. You have to see it to believe it
  • This is a campaign focused on Security and IT Administrators and the common issues and excuses they hear. We wanted to make it fun by presenting an enviroment that gave that gave these Administrators an outlet to vent their struggles and frustrations - thus, The IT Admin Support Group.
    The creative was 3 full page ads that were consecutive in Redmond Magazing, banner ads, emails, and a parallax scrolling web page with a vibrant, contemporary color pallet and fun Easter egg content hidden throughout that told a compelling story through its progression.
    The landing page is very unique in Business 2 Business (B2B) marketing and it's not often that you see a form on a parallax page. In February 2013 the page was nominated for a CSS Award.
  • Web Page: Parallax with a sticky form and fun hidden easter eggs through out the page.
  • Three Consecutive Full Page Ads in Redmond Magazine
    Ad 1
  • Banner Ads

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