IRON MAN II "Hologram Armor Suit Development"

Created: 07/07/10
Last Edited: 06/04/13
IRON MAN II Hologram Concept
  • IRON MAN II " hologram anon concept test"
    Turntable animation hologram R&D test for final ap
  • The Iron Man Suit need to be developed into a realistic hologram for the film on shots that revolved around the discovery of Tony Starks RT. This took place inside his laboratory where he then used those hologram as proxy suits for diagnostic, circulatory tests to benchmark his trials of the discovery for the chemical compound.
  • Credits
    Design Company: Prologue Films
    Creative Director: Danny Yount
    Producers: Ian Dawson, Elizabeth Newman
    3DAnimation/Technical Art Direction: Jose A. Ortiz Jr.

    More concept work from prologue

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