IMAGINE: Machines in the Garden

  • Imagine
    Machines in the Garden
  • Imagine Machines In The Garden is a booklet designed as way finding through the Nelson-Atkins Museum sculpture garden located in Kansas City, MO. This project was worked in collaboration with the Nelson-Atkins as an idea for their family day festival which was held in the sculpture garden during the summer.

    This booklet was designed ideally for the children attending the event. The small size booklet is easy to carry and contains memorable information that even a child can remember something about each of the 5 art pieces being showcased. It contains a map, instructions and a featured page about Roxy Paine, the featured artist during this festival due to addition of Ferment to the sculpture garden.

    Thought the child or the reader has to use his/her imagination to see the background information about the art work and the artist; which is explained in a way for children of all ages to understand.

    The task was to emphasize 5 major artworks and give the reader a better understanding of the artwork and create an engaging dialog between the art piece and the viewers.

    Each page was illustrated by me and using the art work given at hand as inspiration.