• Ignition Consulting Group, an advertising agency consulting firm, was in need of a new look that expressed their progressive approach to positioning. The identity we created does this by alluding to "thought bubbles" or the progressive nature of taking steps. Since its creation, the identity has been applied to stationery, business cards, a loose-leaf binder and the Web site.
  • “The advertising industry needs a taste of its own medicine,” according to author Tim Williams, a former advertising executive and now a consultant to the industry. Take a Stand for Your Brand is a new book, which admonishes agencies to apply the same positioning and branding tactics to their own business that they so readily recommend for their own clients. modern8 created the cover and designed and directed the interior production of the book published by The Copy Workshop. The book is available from Ignition Consulting Group.
  • As a consulting agency, Ignition saw an opportunity to stand out from other consultancies by presented themselves as fun, clever and exciting. We jumped at the chance to help them and suggested using the simple metaphor of buildings to illustrate their services. The isometric cityscape we created helps direct viewers into two main markets those who need to build a new brand and those who need to rebuild their existing brand. In addition to the home page we also designed several tertiary level pages that were designed to display more traditional content. Ignition assumed responsibility for implementing the site into Flash and HTML.