Human Resource Intranet Portal

  • Research and Redesign
  • Situation
    A large grocery chain was seeking to improve the experience of using their employee intranet portal. 
    Previous research:
    Users felt the system lacked organization
    Some users chose not to engage with the system at all

    Design Research conducted:
    Interviews with corporate human resource managers
    Interviews with store managers
    Interviews with corporate employees
    Interviews with store employees
    Review of usage metrics and existing documentation of the system
    Industry Research to identify best practices 
    Card Sort to understand user-preferred labels and categories
    Task Analysis to understand common users tasks
    Strategic goals
    Allow users to locate documents quickly
    Allow users to complete tasks  
    Improve the experience of using the human resource portal
    Communicate human resource messages to employees
    Meets the needs of both corporate and store personal.
  • Card Sort Methodology

    Organization and Labeling Questions
  • System Roles and Functions

    A summary of the various users and their access to different types of information within the intranet portal.
  • Splash Screen Wireframe

    A splash screen was created to allow non logged in users to access public informational messages from outside the company firewall. Users would be able to keep up to date on the latest human resource messages without the need for login.

    In this example, the background has been modified to show a theme: Breast Cancer Awareness. Allowing theme updates to the splash page allows users to see a constantly refreshed page. This gives users the feeling that content on the site is up to date and current.

  • Team Member Lookup Wireframe

    Allows managers to choose a team member profile to edit. 
  • Strategies for Improving Communication with Team Members