How can we identify ones own self......

Created: 09/05/10
Last Edited: 11/28/12
A whole campaign for the clock museum was to be designed. This included identity, poster, banners, calendar, promotional items
    designer, typographer, teacher, parent......
  • Who am I? What am I doing and why? What is purpose? We all have have multiple questions going on in our mind. But this is what I always think. This is a what our subconscious mind thinks. When series of images click inside your mind and when they are put and visually speak a language in a form, shape, type, photo etc it is a language of design that we all speak knowingly or unknowingly.  Lets see what I can speak out with all this........
  • <img src="yui-tmp-img" class="yui-img">DEVELOPING STAGE........IN PROGRESS....ON GOING THOUGHT PROCESS.....CAP  T URE   N OW 

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