Hope - Poem Installation

Created: 07/10/11
Last Edited: 03/19/14
This staircase installation is a reinterpretation of a poem Hope by Indian spiritual leader, Sri Chinmoy. Ten lines of the poem applied in each of the ten steps. The poem starts from bottom to top so that people can experience it while they are climbing up the staircase. The staircase itself symbolizes a meaning of the content that hope can make human souls climb God's transcendental height.

Screen print on canvas, 49"(w) x 184.75"(h)
  • HOPE
    by Sri Chinmoy

    Hope, my pilot-star, hope
    I have seen your face.
    I have felt your heart.
    In ignorance-night
    I shall no more grope.
    Hope, my pilot-star, hope
    You are humanity’s peerless rope
    For human souls to climb
    God’s transcendental height.
  • 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Awards - Semifinalist
    2011 HOW International Design Awards - Merit Winner
    2010 Creativity International Awards 40 - Platinum Award Winner

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