Hollywood Park Spring Meet 2011

Created: 01/30/12
Last Edited: 09/18/13
Materials produced for the 2011 Spring Race Meet at Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood, California. The branding consistently uses the diamond background pattern and corporate logo. The colors change for each meet in order to identify better with the Spring or Autumn season that it falls in.
  • 2011 Hollywood Park Spring Meet
    Marketing materials produced for Hollywood Park Racetrack, including track program covers, direct mail postcard, newsletter with 4-color envelope and stakes schedule with promotional events.
  • 2011 Spring Meet - Track Program Cover, design prints front and back as a wrap around.
    Cover photo on all materials by Marcie Heacox
  • 2011 Spring Meet - Ticket Book Covers
    set of 4 different size ticket books for individual box  and seat holders
  • 2011 Spring Meet - Stakes Schedule
    prints front and back, folds to pocket size
  • 2011 Spring Meet - Newsletterprints front and back, folds to fit into #10 envelope
    2011 Spring Meet - #10 Window Newsletter Envelopeprints 1 side, then glues and folds so design wraps
  • 2011 Spring Meet - Direct Mail Postcard4-color with bleed on front and back

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