Holiday Cards & Packaging // AIGA

Created: 11/14/12
Last Edited: 11/14/12
The AIGA student group had 10 different designers design a Holiday Card. Once they were designed, they were printed (front and back), packaged in clear boxes, wrapped in brown paper, stamped in red with our logo, and then for the finishing touch wrapped in a bow with twine.
  • This is my Christmas card design.
  •  On the back of every card is the designers name.
  •  The Packing Process - 10 different card designs & envelopes. 
  •  Stamping Process - Every pack had our AIGA logo stamped onto it in red.
  •  Our AIGA student group logo stamp.
  •  Our custom wrapping paper.
  • Every package had a twine bow around it.
  • The finished product. 

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