Hitting Home

Created: 05/02/13
Last Edited: 04/14/14
This poster was designed as part of my response to working with Family House, a homeless shelter, for a semester through a 'Design for Good' class.

I wrote a phrase that I felt could represent both individuals within the homeless community as well as ourselves (the students and teacher.) "Where I am does not define who I am, but who I want to become." This statement can depict the way that being homeless does not define an individual, and also the way that the individuals staying at Family House should instead be thought of for who they are trying to become. The phrase can also refer to myself and my fellow students/teacher in regard to the experiences and reflections we had throughout the semester. "Where we are" represents the general class conclusion that we all take things for granted and often do not appreciate the small things we have, while "who we want to become" symbolizes the way that our experiences have now made us appreciate the things we do have and has helped us to become less materialistic. It represents who we have become and the better individuals we have transformed into throughout the semester and our experiences at Family House.
  • Posters designed as my response to volunteering at a homeless shelter.

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