Hip Hop Culture Books

  • Hip Hop Culture Books

    This is a series of Hip Hop books I designed to foster the positive growth of Hip Hop culture. There are 4 main elements of Hip Hop culture: DJing (Disk Jockey), MCing (Mic Controller), B-boying (Break Boy), and Graffiti Writing. I made a book for each element.

    Every spread of these books conveys visually what the text on the current spread is talking about. For example, in the DJing book, one spread talks about a DJ who experimented with pulling a vinyl disk backwards and playing a specific part over again, I took an image of a record player and repeated it. There are 56 pages total.

    I chose a specific color for each book. Each color symbolized some aspect of each element of Hip Hop. DJing is teal because DJs are the foundation of the four elements. MCing is red because it usually deals with subjects involving two extremes, love and hate. B-boying is purple because its charactized as something that needs a lot of soul/spirit. Graffiti is yellow because Graffiti is all about getting what you tagged noticed and yellow contrasts the most with black.