Hi-Pointe Rebrand

  • St. Louis is at its core a city of neighborhoods. This is what gives our city the small town vibe, despite a population of over 3 million. Our assignment was to research a local neighborhood and develop a strong identity that draws from its cultural heritage. I chose the Hi-Pointe neighborhood, a small area nestled between Forest Park and historic Dogtown. I decided to do some photographic investigation to learn more about the city’s visual tropes. I went to the local hot spots, but also to the overlooked places to take photos.

    It was in one of these seldom visited areas that I found inspiration for a new identity. On the side of the Hi-Pointe Theater (the area’s defining attraction), I found an interesting masonry ornament. After looking back through my photos, I realized that this mark represented the character of the Hi-Pointe neighborhood perfectly: overlooked, perhaps a bit hard to find, but beautiful. Using this mentality, I designed a series of deliverables (new logo, pole banners, and bus shelter posters) that highlight some of Hi-Pointe’s overlooked attractions.
  • The historic Hi-Pointe Theater.
  • The masonry ornament I discovered on the side of the Hi-Pointe Theater. This became the central idea behind my logo.
  • Logo
  • Pole banners
  • Bus shelter posters