Helping Hand Guide System

Created: 05/30/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
A system created as a design intervention to help impoverished individuals in Kansas City. This system includes stickers for business that want to be affiliated with this "organization". This system also includes booklets that provide tips , a feature of each booklet are tearaway pages at the end that are either forms or maps corresponding to each booklet.
  • The Helping Hand is a hypothetical system created in collaboration with fellow KCAI designer Kelsey Anderson.
    The purpose of our design is to suggest a solution to the disorganized state of information available to individuals of low income living in Kansas City, Missouri.
    The first component of the system is the series of six color-coded booklets, each with their own topic and icon.Each booklet also has a helpful tear—away page, such as a form or map.The booklets are contained in the Helping Hand Guides box,complete with locking hand flaps to match the mission statement, also included in the box with the books.To help users connect information in the guidebooklets with the resources available to them, window stickers were also created with colors and icons corresponding to the booklets.Organizations affiliated with Helping Hand can place a sticker in their place of business to guide individuals to the help they need to get back on their feet.

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