Help 3/11/2011

  • Help 3/11/2011
    Poster response to the tragedy in Japan
  • This project was a personal response to the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011. Having lived in several different countries, I realized for myself, that I can no longer look at these incidents as national tragedies or isolated events. This realization caused me to feel somehow deeply touched by the event, and I felt the urge to express it.
    The Japanese flag is broken apart by the waves. I recorded myself screaming for help, and converted the sound waves into a vector image. To me it represents both the cry for help and the impact the earthquake had as measured on the Richter scale. 
    This poster was exhibited in the Glyphy Colored Picture Show, an exhibition hosted by Glyph, the graduate graphic design club at SCAD. I recently did a series of screen prints of this poster.
  • The poster is a personal response to the tragic events in Japan