"Hello 911...": Visualization of Seattle Crime Data

Created: 06/14/13
Last Edited: 06/14/13
The Hello 911... Seattle Crime Data Visualization is my final project for the course "Information Visualization". This is a team project. 4 of us together made it!
  • First page of our project websites, including project info and short-descriptions of our main visualizations.
  • This heat-map is well received during the usability testing, according to one of participants: "it is intuitive to understand and useful".
  • This visualization is more experienmental than "practical". We tried to visualize how selected crime incidents changes by monthes within a year and how it changes in different time of a time. Transparant dots are used to help user observe the pattern; the background color represent the sunset & sunrise; graphs on the right and bottom side of this visualization helps user see the trend. 
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