Heliting 2012

Created: 08/05/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Heliting asked Plastical to find an original, rather unexpected, commercial to stand out in a very understated field such as finance and banking. The unconventional approach lets us explore new ways to think and rethink how to communicate their business.
  • Heliting - TV commercial 2012

    Heliting is a swiss wealth&asset management company.

    Tailored service and a clear focus on being a young, unconventional and rather informal company; this, among others, is one of the key differences between Heliting and any other bank or financial institution. And we love them for this!

    So we simply invented 4 short stories, each with different people and in a different context. 
    We also added our "special" (well, not so special) effects workflow and our first and rather raw hand sketched storyboards.

  •  1. Bar
  •  2. Hairdresser
  •  3. Park
  • Frame of the original footage
  • Frame after color grading
  • Adding the blue colored mask (in After Effects)
  • Combining the mask with the color graded footage
  • Adding some flares... Everyone loves flares!
  • Final result
  •   4. Car

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