Hedera Magazine (Digital)

Created: 06/09/13
Last Edited: 06/09/13
Our department created a digital magazine to be distributed throughout the company. Myself and my design colleague, Zack Tatum, came up with the branding and design.
  • Our department created a digital magazine to distribute throughout the company, with the goal of keeping everyone in the loop on the workflow of the Production Department. I was the Design Lead on this project, and the other designer and I worked together to come up with the concepts and branding.
    I created the typographic scheme used throughout the publication, and designed the editorial layouts for all the pieces shown.
  • My colleague, Zack Tatum, designed the cover and logo.
  • This is an interactive page created using Flash. The user is able to click the blue arrows to view more about the featured articles.
  • I wrote and designed this article on kerning.

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