Healthy Baby Home Party Kit

Created: 07/02/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
The Healthy Baby Home Party was created by Healthy Child Healthy World, to help parents create a healthy environment where their families and children can flourish. The kit includes information, samples and games to enlighten new parents.
  • Healthy Baby Home Party Kit
    Small changes can make a big difference.

    Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW) is a national organization with motives that center
    around informing and inspiring young families to take action and create cleaner, greener, saferenvironments where they and their children can flourish. The Healthy Baby Home Party (HBHP) is a nation-wide program created by HCHW to bring together young mothers and
    fathers with children under 2 years of age using a direct-mail kit full of information, product samples and games all themed with HCHWs central messaging.

    The print components of this project included the conceptualization and design of a bingo
    board game, tip cards, folder, info sheets and shipping carton. Digital component included
    design of a microsite where where prospective parents could learn about the HBHP and
    apply to become eligible to host one at their home.

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