Headwaters Foundation

Created: 01/16/13
Last Edited: 01/21/13
This foundation provides independent support for the public school system and serves to increase community involvement in education. The project involved creating a logo for the main organization and one for a sub organization called Farm to Table. For the main logo the foundation wanted to convey the goal of supporting and guiding the student not just through school, but also into a career and throughout life. The foundation was named rather arbitrarily, but they wanted to keep the name so I represented the water disappearing in the horizon.

For the Farm to Table logo the organization wanted to stay true to a drawing a student created many years ago but needed a more professional version.
  • Main Logo
  • Logo for the Farm to Table Organization, a Headwaters' sub group.
  • The original Headwaters Growing Pride logo drawn by a young student.  The organization wanted to stay true to the student's vision, however, they needed a more professional version.

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