Have you seen our design?

  • Have you seen our design?
    Well, you should.

  • Real lost cat poster with the Gravity cat poster.
  • Video. This great poster was in the Pioneer Square area.
  • Success! Bikers waiting at the light grabbed tabs.
  • The splash page. Either you could check out the Gravity website, buy a FOUND t-shirt, or save a kitten.
  • I cooked up this marketing campaign based on some awesome "Lost Cat" flyers I'd seen around.

    The bad pictures, the worse handwriting, the ugly colors, all somehow get attention. Maybe it's the heartstring factor, but I wanted to test it out as a marketing tool for our studio.

    The Gravity team ran out a few dozen of these and posted them around Seattle and along the bike path from the Eastside. We shot a video of our antics, which can be viewed on YouTube.

    The result? A mention on Printeresting, several hundred views of the video, hundreds of tabs removed, and dozens of visits to the splash page. And if you're really pissed that it's not about a lost cat, feel free to donate to the Seattle Humane Society, where BooBoo, the poster cat was adopted.

    Creative, design: Jennifer Pritchard. Film editing: Barbara Combs. Street team: Susan Andrade, Jesse Doquilo, Jennifer Pritchard. Created at Gravity Design.