Happy Credit Score

Created: 01/27/13
Last Edited: 06/15/14
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    I put this together for a dear friend of mine. Her class did a project aiming to drive home the importance of young people maintaining a good credit score. I decided that since young people to love party and celebrate, it would be fitting to use an image of a guy blowing out candles on what seemed to be a birthday cake. But what if this was a different type of celebration? What I did was take out the original candles and replace them with a stellar credit score. I used Photoshop to achieve this. The candle is comprised of simple text and flame from one of the previous candles. I also lowerd the opacity and added the credit cards in the background. Only to drive home that this was indeed a poster about credit. I also came up with the Idea of celebrating the Credit score. The rest of the information was given to me.

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