Happily Ever After?

Created: 10/13/10
Last Edited: 07/02/13
This is my BFA final project manipulating the way fairy tales are perceived and adding a modern twist.
Project Info
  • Happily Ever After?
  • A projector was hanging above and casting light, frame by frame, telling the story.
  • Once upon a time there was a wealthy teenage girl named Lona. She was constantly bored.
  • One day Lona met a shady character while walking downtown. The stranger asked if she was looking to escape, extending his hand, she accepted the gift.
  • Lona found an alley close by, where she decided to shoot the smack.
  • After a week-long bender, Lona injected some bad heroine and collapsed.
  • Shortly after, Lona was lying in an ambulance. The only way to save her was by injecting adrenaline into her heart.
  • Lona and Aaron Prince, the E.M.T. from earlier, fell in love an lived happily ever after.
  • Dale has been a runaway trans-sexual since ninth grade.
  • Dale lured someone back to a sleazy motel room. He expected money, but instead was hit by a bottle.
  • Dale's pimp rushed to the room after hearing the ruckus.
  • The pimp bandaged Dale's wounds with care.
  • A back-hand collided with Dales temple, "Back to work!"
  • Dale went back to work. He needed the money.

  • Rick was a social outcast since he could remember.
  • On the way home, Rick plotted against his peers at school.
  • Rick found a book on making bombs and studied it tirelessly.
  • He attempted to make an explosive from household items.
  • This attempt failed when his lungs filled with mustard gas. Rick's brother rushed in to save him.
  • But it was too late, the toxins had taken his life. Rick's brother was confused and angry.

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