Handmade Bundle II

  • More Chalk Graphics
    in case you have missed the chalk alphabet.
    White and coloured chalk.
  • A couple of naughty tee-shirts.
    Watercolour and gouache.
  • Some unpublished editorial.
    Watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pastel.
  • Wall painting
    This is the kind of thing I do from time to time just for the fun of it.
    Wall paint, sharpies, watercolour, gloss, and a whole lotta unsusual materials.
  • This one is in my mother's kitchen. It's a menu with tradinional dishes in NE Brazil, where i am originally from.
    H= 75cm  x  W=100 cm.
  • This is where my parents used to live (The model is my little brother).  The big numbers were painted because the original ones were way too small, and the tree to (somehow) replace an old one that had to be put down.
  • The bird recites a poem by the great Brazilian songwriter Chico Buarque.
  • Last, but not least, another contribuition  to the Shirt Sayings.
    This time the choice was for a more colorful approach to highlight the sayings.
    Sharpies and watercolour.
  • I acknowledge that it’s too much bundled together, so I’ll refrain myself and leave just this one behind-the-scenes pic.
  • Thank you for scrolling all the way down.
    Thank you for your appreciation,
    Warm hug,