Handmade Accordion Book

Created: 02/22/11
Last Edited: 11/19/12
Handmade accordion book inspired by Robert Clairmont poem. Mixed media, 6”x4.5”
Project Info
  • Six Million New York Hearts 
     Constructed accordion  book based on poem by Robert Clairmont 
  • Kelsey Reifler, NYC Book, mixed media, 6”x4.5”, June 2010.

    I took photographs from the NYC Highline with Robert Clairmont's  These Ever Just So Six Million New York Hearts and Dorothy poem in mind. I constructed the accordion book out of book board and handmade paper. I then combined my photographs with illustration, paper, watercolor, and colored pencil.  

    These Ever Just So Six Million New York Hearts and Dorothy
    Girl, you have breathed the scent of New York and now, no greens, no 
           flowers, no daisies . . . not even the wind on greens and flowers 
           can hold you long. 
    You will not stay on prairie wastes, girl, for you have listened to 
           the rivers of Manhattan at nighttime: you have been quite too near
           these ever just so six million New York hearts: you have
           watched quite too many New York sunsets and dawns. 
    You'll come back, girl: quite soon these ever just so New York floors
           and stones will feel your quick, sharp walk. 
    You cannot stay with prairie wastes and flowers, girl, for you have
           breathed the scent of New York too long. 
    You have been quite too near these ever just so six million New York
           hearts; and they will someday call you back, girl.

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