Hampton Roads REALTORS Association Website Redesign

Created: 08/21/10
Last Edited: 11/18/12
Website redesign for the Hampton Roads REALTORS Association (HRRA) completed in 2009.
  • Website Redesign
    Hampton Roads REALTORS Association (HRRA)
  • Old website home page (not designed by me).
  • New website design (www.centerforrealestate.com; no longer maintained by me) incorporates four different navigation menus and launches new branding. The tabs at the top contain all association-specific information. Along the left, the beige menu is targeted at the general public. The terracotta button (now more expanded) is for affiliates and other special categories. The blue menu is for all the resources available to the Association's members: REALTORS. A newsfeed direct from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and a calendar with color-coded categories (education, events, etc.) has also been incorporated. Advertising also now available beneath the navigation.
  • Interior Calendar page
  • Interior special event page Educate 4 Success available through REALTOR-targeted menu. Logo also designed by me. (See Educate 4 Success project in this portfolio.)
  • Interior Media page available through Association-specific information tabs.
  • Interior Why Use a REALTOR page available from public-targeted navigation menu.

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