HOPE: Campaign for the Adoption of Teenagers

Created: 06/16/13
Last Edited: 06/16/13
For my Senior Thesis, I created a booklet and poster series on the adoption of teenagers from the foster care system. As an alumni of being a teen in foster care, I met many teens who were looking to be adopted, and learned what benefits there were to being adopted. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of research or campaigns for adopting teenagers, so I took it upon myself to create one.

This project focuses on what it takes to become an adoptive parent of a teenager, going through testimonials, facts, the process, and where to begin. The Hope Campaign stands for Homes, Opportunity, Parents, and Equality for teenagers.
  • Booklet Cover (Front & Back)
  • Inside Spread 1

    Introduces reader to the Hope Campaign for Teens, as well as a few faces of teens who have been adopted.
  • Inside Spread 2
    Informs the reader of the purpose and mission of the campaign.
  • Inside Spread 3
    Shares testimonials of teens who have been adopted and how that has impacted their lives.
  • Inside Spread 4
    Shares statistics of the adoption of teenagers.
  • Inside Spread 5
    Shares the benefits of adopting teenagers, as well as provides number figures surrounding this type of adoption.
  • Inside Spread 6
    Gives the reader an idea of what qualities an adoptive parent of teens might have.
  • Inside Spread 7
    Goes through the process of adopting a child and approximately how long each step can take. 
  • Inside Spread 8
    Encourages the reader to take the next step in adding a teenager to their home. 
  • Finished booklet and posters that draw the viewer into reading the booklet.

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