• Client: J.W. Deutsch Family wine & spirits
    Brand: HobNob
    Agency: Alcone Marketing

    Project: To provide a Mexican-inspired illustration of a sugar skull to help visually support the off premise (in store) promotion of HobNob's newest addition- Wicked Red.

    Showcase below takes you through the actual start to completion of the project.

    Cheers and enjoy.

  • The client was interested in having me create something that looked hand-crafted, painterly and not vector, that was the vague description I received and was told that there were other illustrators also bidding for the job.

    Above is what I submitted in hopes of being awarded the project, titled CHAUNCEY_sugar skull sketch©2012Arocena- created in Corel Painter 11 with wacom - just a "painterly sketch"....

    Then I received word that I got the job- and received more info- the direction now required me to design a  2 foot tall sugarskull. I provided them the following two versions- One very ornate with "WICKED" the name of the wine, integrated into the skull. The other version a very less decorated skull- but still very traditional in style.
  • Then I received word that the client wanted something even more "Hand-crafted" and less decorative, less perfect, and more "paper-mache-like with ink strokes" to define the skull.

    Me being of Mexican descent, I immediately knew what they were mentally visualizing.

    I then submitted my next round (see pict below)...
  • It was exactly what they wanted and now asked if it was possible to develop two more, of the exact skull- but this time changing the colors of the eyes and nose to visually represent the colors of their chardonnay (yellow) and their Merlot (red) wines.

    Below is what I delivered to complete the project.
  • HobNob Chardonnay skull  for October 2012 off premise visibility.
  • HobNob Merlot skull for October 2012 off premise visibility.

    These were then produced and added to HobNob's in-store dress up kit to visually help drive awareness during the Halloween 2012 season.
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