HEY body

  • HEY body
    3d kirigami inforgraphic tell you 8 stories about your body
  • HEY body  is a book/brochure tell you 8 stories about human body in a funny way. By using kirigami as a tool to present infographic, I aim to draw attention from my target audience -- teenagers. They think taking care o body is unnecessary and boring. By interacting with them with interesting pop-up infographic, the communication will be achieved easier and turn their opinion towards 'taking care my body' from tedious to a very cool thing to do.
    There are 8 topics: elements, thought, sense, food, length, speed, pressure and reaction. Each of the topic contains in a single brochure. On the cover of each brochure is a collage related to the topic. On the back there are some tips about how to treat your body related to the topic.

    element: what are we made of?
    thought: how our brain works?
    sense: how we feel the world?
    food: how we ate in 2011 and how could we eat better?
    length: do you know our intestine is 4.5 times than our height?
    speed: do you know the speed of our fart?
    pressure: why suicide was found most on Monday?
    react: how long it takes to react?