• This was a project for my Junior year Type III class at the Corcoran College of Art + Design. For this assignment I was asked to choose two typefaces (I chose Avenir and Warnock Pro) and the lyrics from any song (I chose Heroes by David Bowie.) I was asked to first do a series of explorations using type only, then from there build paper craft using the letterforms. I really enjoyed that aspect of the assignment; I wound up building a castle tower out of the Warnock "H" and created little vignettes with it. Further on in the project, I was asked to use imagery that was literal, then metaphorical, and so forth, with which I made several different posters, each with a different interpretation of the lyrics using type and image. For my final poster, I chose to pair the lyrics with a very literal approach; Superman is the quintessential superhero. However, the lyrics take on a slightly wry quality here.

    In another version which was in fulfillment of the requirement to design a completely ironic poster, I paired the lyrics with chilling imagery and designed the poster like an infographic, lending the otherwise romantic and heartfelt lyrics a cold, detached quality.