Sustainable Products and Systems Guide

Created: 07/04/12
Last Edited: 05/29/14
Design of a Sustainable Building Products and Systems Guide for a major construction products company, detailing specific LEED® and NAHB green building credits for each applicable product. In a collaborative effort with a third party sustainability consultant, seven different business divisions' marketing groups, building science experts and corporate marketing, the existing literature was heavily edited and the look was updated for a more cohesive style with its companion piece, the Sustainability Report. This is a cornerstone piece of literature for the company proving its environmental commitment and is distributed at industry trade shows, taken on customer calls as sales tool, and is frequently downloaded online by builders and architects as a reference piece.

Additionally, this brochure was the recipient of a GDUSA 2010 American Graphic Design Award.
  • Project created while with Saint-Gobain Creative Services/The Hive. Do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Kristin Dankanich.