Great Moments in Lobster American History

  • Great Moments in Lobster American History
    Client: Slingshot LLC
    Tools used: Photoshop, Modo 601

  • These image were used for Joe's crabshacks "Great Moments in Lobster American History" campaign. The lobster was purchased from 3D Ocean and I used modo 601's new skeleton feature to pose the lobster. The original paintings are from the Library of Congress.
  •  Lobster Washington crossing the Delaware River
    This image was mentioned on Luxology's (makers of Modo 601) official podcast . I trimmed the audio clip to the part where this image was mentioned.
  • Washington could tell a lie
  • Signing the declaration of independence
  • Boston Tea Party
  • All copyrights courtesy of respective agencies and clients – All credited at this site.
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