Graphite On Paper

Created: 02/19/12
Last Edited: 05/08/13
Graphite on Paper.

These are commissioned and non-commissioned pieces. Most are tattoo patterns designed for people sized to fit as wraparound for the body, shoulder pieces, and sleeves. Some are just sketches done for people based on what they were asking for. Some done from resource images provided by the client, others done from my head.
  • Original Design: Based on found images; Wave is homage to Hokusai’s, The Great Wave. 
  • Original Design based on images provided by client.
  • Chest Piece: Original Artwork
  • Shoulder Piece: Original Artwork
  • Back Piece: Original image provided by client
  • Original Artwork: A different take on Bugs Bunny
  • Arm Piece: Original Design; Woman in middle already on client's arm
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