Grand Nationals

Created: 10/10/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
A school project dedicated to branding and designing a press kit for a horse racing event. The kit focuses on people new to the horse race industry who want to enjoy a VIP experience. The kit includes a take home poster, tickets, a VIP one day entry pass to the turf club, and an informational betting booklet on the top horses and stats of the prior years races to aid along in the betting process as well as an environmental graphic and event web page.
  • Grand Nationals
    Horse racing VIP press kit
  • Grand Nationals, a horse racing event, needed a VIP package catered towards  recruiting  new interest in betting at the races. The entire press kit is designed around involving the new VIP goer  in betting activities while providing suggestions and basic tips on betting in order to have them feel confident enough to place bets at the race.

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