Goth Bowl Invitation

  • Goth Bowl Invitation
    An invitation to AIGA Austin's annual costume bowling party and membership drive.
  • AIGA Austin is a local chapter of a national design organization whose largest membership drive is its annual bowling party. Each year takes a different theme and all materials and design are donated in-kind. Attendees frequently arrive in costume and bowl for three hours while a dj spins music appropriate to the theme.¬†Each invitation was hand-assembled by the event committee.

  • The invitation was designed with a corseted gatefold. Bowling pins were used to create the varnished filigree. Grommets secured the red liner to the exterior cover, allowing the diecut eyes and nose to really stand out.
  • The folded invitation fit neatly into square envelopes.
  • The Gothic theme was accentuated with this hand-finished corset closure, a low-tech interactive touch that enhanced the sense of anticipation and resulted in a sold-out event.