Goodman Foundation Identity

Created: 05/21/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
An identity packaged for the Goodman Foundation.
  • Goodman Foundation
    Identity Package
  • The Goodman's were humanitarians that left a strong legacy behind and their Foundation is part of that legacy. Though their outreach was wide they primarily focus on three areas: the Jewish community, athletics, and
    children. With my logo my goal was to express the different facets that come together to make up the Goodman Foundation. I was inspired by the architecture used in some of their buildings such as the Goodman Community
    Center, the Goodman Aquatic Center, and their Jewish Community Campus. Each structure relies heavily on natural wood textures and have an almost mid-century feel with their stacked plank layouts.
  • Business Card (front)
  • Business Card (back) 
  • Envelope (front)
  • Envelope (back)
  • Letterhead (front)
  • Letterhead (back)

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