Gone For The Day - A Film By MJ Slide

  • Gone For The Day - A Film By MJ Slide
    A Film Poster
  • A promising young film director, MJ Slide, approached me on Facebook after having seen a film poster that I designed for another independent film project. The short film portrays the process of getting over a break up during a day’s adventures between two strangers.

    For more information about the film, visit: facebook.com/GoneForTheDay.
  • Sketches
  • Thumbnails
  • Final sketches
  • Mock-ups
  • Initial and final mockups
  • Illustration
  • The poster’s illustration is created from a still frame from the finished film which was printed out and scanned at a high resolution to emphasize the dreamy quality of film grain. Even though the film was shot on digital video, the analog qualities of the print are amplified by scanning and enlarging it on the computer. The newly imported still becomes the basis of the digitally colored collage that constitutes the poster’s illustration, seen below.

    A naturally aged piece of paper from my personal collection was lightened and then added as the ground for the poster’s layout. The typeface used is Europe Underground Black by Måns Grebäck.
  • Poster
  • The final poster with full credits followed by details of the layout.
  • An alternate version of the final poster with a QR code linked to the film’s Facebook page, seen in the url at the bottom of the illustration.
  • An alternate version of the final poster with the credits removed. This version will be the basis for the upcoming DVD case design.