Glass Fusing

Created: 10/17/11
Last Edited: 08/29/13
These are various glass projects that I created as a hobby.
  • Glass Fusing
    2011-present, Various projects
  • I began glass fusing in January 2011 as a creative outlet. It has become a passion of mine. I mostly create small plates, bowls and jewelry. I'm currently working on larger glass pieces using different styles of fusing. My pieces are on sale in my Etsy shop as well.
  • 10" coral bowl
  •  5"x10" plate
  • 5"x10" plate
  • 5"x5" plate
  • 5"x10" plate
  • 5"x5" square plate
  • 5"x10" plate
  • Jellyfish plate / $65.00
    5"x10" jellyfish plate with screenprinted jellyfish and iridescent glass
  • Seahorse glass plate / $60.00
    5"x10" seahorse plate with screenprinted seahorse and dichroic glass
  • Seahorse square plate / $40.00
    5"x5" seahorse plate with screenprinted seahorse and neon green glass
  • Multicolored Rectangle Dichroic Glass Pendant / $22.00
    Multicolored rectangle dichroic glass pendant

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