Give for Good - Promo Book Design

Created: 07/16/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Promotional book design for not-for-profit, "Gift Card Giver," to communicate the organization's concept, history, and giving stories.
  • A promotional book I created for a not-for-profit organization, Gift Card Giver, conveying the history, message, and giving stories of the company.

    This book was created under the direction of the founder of Gift Card Giver, Jeff Shinabarger; copy written by Leslie Slade; special thanks to Gisele Nelson, Summer Sterling, Andre Shinabarger, Joanna Dewolf, and Angela Blackson. 

    All of the photography is my own unless otherwise credited. Special thanks to contributing photographers: Michelle Marie Photography, Mike Paschal, and Brian T. Murphy.

  • [All of the names from Gift Card Giver's Facebook group page]

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