Gifted Education Communicator: Magazine Design

  • Design & project management of a quarterly research journal specializing in the field of gifted education, published by the California Association for the Gifted. I was part of this project for 7 years (2005-2012), going from designing a few articles in 2005 to managing the project outright by 2007, including overseeing the transition from print to digital in 2010. Examples are:

    • Cover design: Fall 2007-Spring 2008 (center: Fall 2007 issue, finalist for Western Publications Association “Maggie” award).
    • Cover design: Fall 2008-Spring 2010 (center: Fall 2008 issue, finalist for Association of Educational Publishers award).
    • Inside layout, Summer 2010 issue.
    • Inside layout, Spring 2008 issue.
    • Back cover, Winter 2010 issue.

    All of this work was created at BBM&D. This publication was my first client as a project manager and I worked closely with two consecutive editors-in-chief for the duration.