Gets your motor running

  • Existing/Previous website
  • Existing/Previous code
  • Existing code was well outside of standards, and the design was to be new. The text and photo content was to be kept, design and code were to be new.
  • Site map
  • Wireframe was built working with the companies internal design contact.
  • Design prototype was built in indesign
  • The final web version matches the prototype well, and appears very consistently across platform and browsers, with the exception of the multi-column bullet point list which degrades as a single wide column in IE 5.
  • I hand coded the site as semantically as possible and it passed W3C verification. The site uses microdata coding which was verified with google's tools. The site also uses Google analytics to provide the company with insight on their viewers. I also used a simple javascript substitution to parse the email links to hide/obfuscate them from spam spiders, based on the user base the loss of the email links due to java-disabled browsers is expected to be insignificant.
  • Analytics during testing.
  • Favicon and apple friendly substitute icon were part of the new site design.
    The alternate favicon for mobile devices has a solid background, the web version has a transparent background.
  • The site was also tested on the iPhone and iPad.