Get the Scoop Promotion

  • What is it?
    Get the Scoop is a promotional event that goes on during the summer at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Anyone can drop by each Wednesday to the ice cream cart outside which has up to 4 flavors of the day.
  • My task
    Create a new look for promotional material that has a consistent theme and feel.
  • My Solution:
    A minimalist design approach with changing elements. I used the letters GTS from Get the Scoop and created a logo that uses the T as the base of an ice cream cone. I then used the T element on its own and created unique ice cream cones that matched their flavors. Each flavor gets applied with velcro onto the cart when it is getting served.
  • My original plan was to create individual posters using each flavor to display and promote the event, but due to certain constraints given to me I was forced to revise the design to better match what the staff desired.