• Get Out the Vote | Good Design Makes Choices Clear
    At Willoughby Design, we had the honor of curating and designing a Get Out the Vote exhibit now open through the end of November in NYC. The exhibit features a selection of 50 posters from AIGA designers from across the country. All 200 posters are available online for downloading & sharing.

    Eight posters are featured super-size in the middle of the space, and show the breadth of executions in the simple goal of encouraging citizens to vote.

    Get Out the Vote, an AIGA Design for Democracy initiative, enables designers to engage in the public arena by contributing to a coordinated voter mobilization campaign. By motivating eligible citizens to register and turn out on election day, Get Out the Vote fulfills an ongoing AIGA objective of demonstrating the value of design to the public, public officials and business by providing a clear call to action for an activity that is important to everyone.
    ** Selected for AIGA A9 Design Awards 2013 **
    Designed at Willoughby Design
    Client: AIGA
    Creative Director: Zack Shubkagel
    Designers: Cat Coquillette & Roberto Camacho
  • I designed this infographic poster as a personal entry. It is one of eight posters featured super-size in the middle of the New York exhibition space.