Georges Perec book series

Created: 05/15/11
Last Edited: 08/04/13
The project was to create a series of book covers centered around one author while using strong typography rather than illustration as the focal point.
  • 3 Novels
  • In Typographic Design we were given the task of designing a series of book covers, for a single author, that emphasized typography rather than illustrations. I couldn't think of a better author to use than Georges Perec, as words were a dominant theme in his work. As a member of the Oulipo, he wrote works such as La Disparition (A Void,) a 300 page lipogrammatic novel that never used the letter e. He used such constraints to push the boundaries of literature and wordplay and there was always much more to his books than what appeared, much deeper than written words, and I tried to highlight that in my design. 

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