Geometrisches Dekor

Created: 07/10/12
Last Edited: 03/14/14
A geometric and grid based typeface. Implemented on various entertainment posters. Spring 2012 Facchochschule Trier, Germany.

A focus on the non-traditional typography. Attention towards geometric deconstruction and fragmentation. An investigation on typography that was ornamental; a typeface that served for specific occasions such as Artist and band posters, concert and venue promotions, event advertisement, fashion magazine, music magazine, logo exploration. Geometrisches Dekor strays from traditional body type and general conventional letter form.

  • Geometrisches Dekor | Experimental Typeface
    Fachhochschule Trier | Typography
    Trier, Germany
    Experimental, Decorative, Geometric
    Nominated for DSVC 9 National Student Show 
    Dallas Society of Visual Communications

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