Geekdom App - First Screens

  • So, a while back I started wireframing with the developers that are working at Geekdom to make an app, and these are the first drafts of what we drew up. What you see here are three shots to illustrate how the search bar and filter button work for filtering events.  Branding, icons, badge illustrations, UI elements; all done in Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Geekdom is a startup incubator in San Antonio, Tx. The primary function of the app is to make people aware of events to draw in new members, as well as to provide functionality for members, such as parking validation, signing up for events,  and check-ins. The primary functionality for members, however, is to provide a marketplace for members to barter services, eg, trading in a logo design for trademark filing, or the coding of a website for branding, etc.  Reviews on the work of other members will elevate their status in the community.
    More shots to come.