Geek Squad Rebrand

Created: 08/09/13
Last Edited: 08/09/13
I decided to rebrand the "Geek Squad" logo. I wanted the feel of the original logo, while creating a entirelty new modern appearance.
  • Geek Squad
    Geek Squad is the first national 24-hour task force dedicated to solving the world’s technology challenges. Comprised of highly skilled and specially trained computing Agents, home entertainment installers (GSIs), AutoTechs and appliance repairers (GSRs), 20,000 active Geek Squad technicians patrol Geek Squad precincts in all U.S. Best Buy stores, at Geek Squad stand-alone U.S. store locations and at service centers nationwide.
    My thought process for the logo was to pull elements from the original brand but also rethink the brand image and give it a more modern iconic feel. The image of the dude in glasses is still a major pop culture representation of the "Geek". I continue to play on this theme by my choice of the Bitwise font, which enhances the computer technical feel. I chose to use Cooper Black with its bold lines to help balance out the logo.  I chose to use colors from the original brand image to incite familiarity with the original brand.
  • I hope you enjoy this logo design and invite you to leave your comments and appreciations. I want my work to inspire others and help me grow as an artist. Thank you.

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